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Shep's Miners Inn - Grand Canyon West Hotel

In the early 1900's this inn was initially built for the passengers on the Butterfield Stage Line to rest their weary bodies after the grueling journey through the desert. This historic adobe inn hotel is constructed with sand and mud from the local dry stream beds and the walls are 12-inch solid block. As the stagecoaches gave way to the railroad, the rooms were converted to lodging for the miners and their families. When horseless carriages overtook the railroads for travel, the historic building was extended to become an early motor court on the main highway through Chloride, which today is 2nd street.

Over the following decades, the Miners Inn underwent many changes. In 2002, it was taken back to the original use, a modern-day hotel. We kept the feel of its original rustic simple décor, and each room is unique. The rooms are comfortable, they have private baths, plenty of fresh air and the rates are quite affordable! We accept overnight guests and are happy to provide longer term stays. Whether this is your first visit, or you have been a guest many times, we want your experience to be nothing less than excellent! Our staff is always available to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

You’ll love our Inn because of the coziness, the views, the people, and the location.  We are conveniently located approximately 1 hour away from the Grand Canyon West Skywalk, Las Vegas, and Laughlin.  Chloride is a respite from the busy city life and a favorite retreat of actors and authors.  Come visit us to unplug and relax - memory making moments await!


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Shep's Miners Inn
Shep's Miners Inn
Room 6
Family Suites

Room 6: 2 Queen beds and 2 Twin beds

Room 16: 2 Queen beds and 1 Twin bed

Daily Rate: $129

Shep's Miners Inn
Shep's Miners Inn
Room 12
Standard Rooms

Rooms 8, 10, 11, 14, and 15 each are equipped with 1 Queen sized bed.  Several have oversized bathrooms. 

Daily Rate: $99

Daily Rate: $109

Shep's Miners Inn
Room 9
Shep's Miners Inn
Shep's Miners Inn
Jack Nicholson stayed in 10!
Shep's Miners Inn
Shep's Miners Inn
Shep's Miners Inn
Jr Suites

Room 12: 1 Queen bed and 1 Twin bed

Room 9: 1 Queen bed and 1 Twin bed

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