Chloride, Arizona is an old mining camp that never quite died. Consisting of about 250 residents, this ghost town former silver mining camp still has the flavor of the old west in some of its buildings, terrain, deserted mines and the reenactment gun fights on Saturdays at noon.
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Location! Elevation 4,009 ft above sea level; high desert flora & fauna! Situated between Kingman, AZ and Boulder City, NV, just a few miles off the major "NAFTA" highway US 93, main corridor from Mexico to Canada. Turn east at mile post marker 53, onto Mohave County Rte 125.

Location! A few miles off the main highway and many miles back in time. It is a small village of 250 people with 1 motel with full service restaurant & bar, 1 convenience store and several gift shops. Dining at Yesterdays Restaurant can range from hamburgers to Oso Bucco, with nightly entertainment.

Site of the Roy Purcell Murals! Roy Purcell, now of Tubac, AZ, formerly of Chloride, AZ and Henderson, NV. Roy is best known for his innovative etchings, though he uses sculpture, watercolor, oil, pastel, glass, wood, paper and many found objects for his art. People around Chloride know him for his murals on the granite faces of a canyon in the Cerbat mountains east through Chloride.

Ghost Town for all intents and purposes, Chloride is a ghost town that never really died...almost, but not quite! There are ghosts of buildings that used to be lived in, ghosts of mines that used to be producing minerals, and ghosts of people that used to live here. Every now and then we get a report of the last type of ghost. There is a ghost miner sighting just every now and then.

Yard Art! Chloride may have the largest collection of yard art anywhere..we're not really sure, but there is a lot of it. Sometimes in someplaces you have green grass and flowers, but here (we don't have much water) we have yard art! It may look like junk to some people, but it is all in the eye of the beholder. Some of this stuff is really very clever. It is referred to by some as sculptural metal.

Tractors! We have a very large collection of old tractors here in Chloride, this one couple have over 30 of these old vehicles.

Gunfights! Well, mock gunfights! July and August, we have a gunfight at high noon every 1st and 3rd Saturday. The rest of the year, we have a gunfight every Saturday. We have 2 gunfighter groups, the Black Mountain Gunfighters and the Wild Roses.

The Butterfield Stage & Sante Fe Railroad used to come through Chloride. There is an old train depot but it isn't open for business or tours.

Mines! At one time we had over 72 mines operating here in Chloride and you can see the remains of a lot of them on the mountains. Some enjoy climbing around these old shafts, tunnels and tailings; but do so at your own risk. Some of these have had no maintenance in years. Most of these mines are private property and not open to actual "tours." People find metal detecting and rock hounding around these sites to be quite entertaining. The old Duval mine is still active in a new incarnation. It was recently purchased and new mining is taking place for the first time in years. This mine is located 4 miles south of Chloride on Mineral Park Road and they are after copper.

Gift Shops & Silversmith! We have three of the finest stores in Mohave County right here in Chloride. Van Meter Silver Smithing, Purcell Galleries, and Free Spirit Arizona - Gift Shop and Gallery. Hermi Van Meter makes most of the jewelry in the display cases and is a world class silver-smith. Bob Van Meter does custom design jewelry and takes care of customers and the business in general. They have a wide range of beautiful items in their store, including book ends of onyx and petrified wood, fossils, onyx bowls, onyx apples, etc. Van Meter is at the top (east end) of Tennessee Street (County Road 125 is the road that you came into into the village from US 93 on, after you cross the cattle guard at the village limits it becomes Tennessee.) You have to pass Van Meters on your way to the murals. Stop in and say hello. They like to answer questions and visit with people about Chloride. Speaking of the murals, Roy Purcell who painted the murals & is an acclaimed painter has a gallery here. There are also several other shops in town, sometimes open on weekends or whenever the spirit moves the owners.

Camping! Above Chloride up the Big Wash Road to the top of the Cerbat Mountains, there are two camp grounds known as Windy Point and Pack Saddle.

Trails, trails, trails!There are hiking trails, mountain biking trails, ATV trails, jeep trails (4 x 4) horse back riding trails. You bring the gear, Chloride has the trails.

Nature Lovers will find animals of all kinds here and about: Mule deer, cotton tail rabbits, jack rabbits, fox, bobcats, coyotes, etc. We see them often enough that no one local has photos!

Petroglyphs are in the mountains around Chloride.

Photo Opportunities This is a wonderful place for photography of nature and other things. The subject matter is almost limitless.

Star Gazing There are not many lights to spoil the night time skies, making star gazing another great possibility. A good part of the year the Milky Way is overhead.

Cemetery Our cemetery dates back into the 1800's. There is also a separate site that holds the graves of 2 early miners.